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International Master of Business Administration
Welcome, IMBA @ NUK
Financial Aids

The NUK Scholarship

The University offers a limited number of studentships or assistantships. The granted scholarship for each student is NT$10,000 – NT$30,000 per academic year. The recipients are required to take the Placement Test at the Chinese Language Center. If the recipients don’t pass the advanced level of the Chinese Proficiency Test, they are required to take the Chinese courses till passing it. More information ...

Taiwan MOE Scholarship

Students may apply for scholarships provided by Taiwan government. For details, see the Ministry of Education website. More information ...

The IMBA Program Scholarship

The IMBA at National University of Kaohsiung provides NTD 4,800 Part-time Student Assistantship (work at the IMBA Office 40hrs/month) each semester for students who do not receive any financial aid from NUK, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information ...

Sponsoring Organizations 

We invite some sponsoring organizations to help their potential employees and provide project opportunities. 

MOE Scholarship [ 01-30-2013 ]