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IMBA Advantages

The NUK_IMBA curriculum offers breadth, depth and diversity and meets the career needs of our postgraduate students to help prepare them to become business leaders.The IMBA module can help you to navigate corporate culture, and it will help greatly in the competitive business job market.Our courses are tailored to meet emerging standards and industrial trends specific to China, Taiwan, and ASEAN industries.

As expected, choosing to study the IMBA in Kaohsiung is a cost-effective route to a MBA degree and could save you thousands of US dollars per year,and help you access to the biggest growing economy in the world, while giving you the skills to make a real valuable difference in the workplace,from marketing and management to finance and accounting information.The IMBA program can help you to navigate corporate culture, and it supports our students in developing the skills they need to pursue career plan, and makes them more competitive in the job market. Welcome to IMBA, NUK, Taiwan

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