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Seminar Activity

Learning knowledge while putting it into practice is always the central idea for IMBA at National University of Kaohsiung. Therefore, having theoretical knowledge learning in class and then having field experts sharing their working experiences is one of IMBA's learning approaches. Usually, IMBA invites two to three professors and two to three field experts to share their either updated professional knowledge or working experiences each semester for seminar activities. Not only this, but IMBA also works with Institute of Business Management at College of Management and invites managers or CEOs from top companies to share their precious managerial experiences which can little be known by the public. IMBA at NUK creates a learning environment with close connection with real workforce down here in southern Taiwan in order to allow our students to pursue their future career without difficulties of finding jobs. Detailed information about our seminar activities will be provided below and will be slightly changed from time to time.