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Apply Online

enlightenedFor Foreign Students:

Apply Online:

1. Certificate of nationality (passport/Highest Diploma)

2. Diploma

3. Official transcripts of academic records proved by Taiwan, ROC Representative office abroad in English or Chinese with imprinted seal by signature of the register of the issuing school.

4. Study Plan

5. Autobiography

6. Letters of recommendation Ⅰand Ⅱ

7. Bank Saving Statement

8. Certificate for Entry and Exit Dates of National Immigration Agency

9. English Proficiency Test Certificate

10. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS Test Result

heartAfter applying online, please write an eamil to will arrange an online interview for you as soon as possible.

enlightenedFor Domestic Students:

Apply Online:

Application Fee: NT$1,200 

Mailing Address:

81148 高雄市楠梓區高雄大學路700號管理學院IMBA

enlightenedFor Chinese Overseas Students:

♦We strongly recommended our applicants to have an interview and to consult financial aid opportunities with us before submitting your application documents!!

Apply Online:

Application Handbook Download:

Application Deadline: 

Master's and Doctoral Admission Examination 


Application Details:

Required Items:

1、Original Undergraduate Official Transcript (English Version),
2、Original Certificate of Class Ranking,
3、One Photocopy of Diploma
(Applicants with a diploma received in countries other than Taiwan should have it verified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs),
4、Two Recommendation Letters,
5、Study Plan, Autobiography and Resume in English,
6、Other useful additional information for your application, 
7、English Proficiency Test (TOEIC or GEPT or TOEFL or IELTS).