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Director's Message

   Welcome to the IMBA at National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The IMBA is the first and the only 100% English taught program in NUK, which offers master degree and recruits  International students as well as local students. Currently, we have students from France, Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Vietnam, Mongolia, Philippines and Taiwan.

   Why should you study for the International MBA Program at NUK? First of all, the IMBA Program at NUK is a 100% English-taught program, and students are provided with an internationalized learning environment for classmates are from any corner around the world. Through multi-cultural exchange and professional knowledge sharing brought by every student, it not only creates a great learning experience, but it also would be very helpful for one who would like to pursue his or her future career in global workforce.

   Furthermore, the IMBA Program is composed of high quality faculty and over 95% of the faculty possessed Ph.D. degree from famous Universities in the USA and UK. With a group of high quality faculty, you may gain and develop professional knowledge in management fields, research and data analysis skills as well as the leadership. In addition, for international students, the IMBA Program offers free Chinese language course. I believe it will be an advantage for you to learn Chinese for it’s an essential tool for those who would like to enter the market in Asian countries. Moreover, in order to allow our students to put learned knowledge into practice, the IMBA Program offered opportunities visiting main high-tech industries, high-tech science parks and companies allocated in southern Taiwan, such as, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Thus, our students may have very good opportunities to visit the companies, learn the management aspects of these companies and receive better chances to be hired as one of the employees of these visited high-tech companies.

   Taiwan is the place in the world where reserves the most completed traditional Chinese culture and plays as the role of Asian culture hub. Therefore, students choose to study here may gain a great chance to understand and learn the Chinese and Asian culture during the two years of study. In addition to the culture, Taiwan is also well-known for its former name-“Ila Formosa,” which means “Beautiful Island”. All in all, I believed students who study at Taiwan may not only learn traditional Chinese culture, but may also have a close look at Taiwan’s beauty.

Please come and join us and enjoy your study in the IMBA at NUK, Taiwan!

Dr. Yung-Kai Yang

Director of the International MBA Program