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IMBA Student's Fundamental Literacy and Core Capability

The International MBA Program at National University of Kaohsiung set up our fundamental literacies and core capacilities to assist arranging our courses to create a perfect curriculumn for our students and to provide them a broad and necessary skills to make a real valueable difference in the workplace.

Fundamental Literacy:
1. To possess qualities of humanism and ethics in professional field.
2. To possess contemporary thinking, global vision and social caring.
3. To possess firm stamina to surpass self-limits in professional field and continuous growth.

Core Capability:
1. Capability of analyzing data related to financial management.
2. Capability of reforming system via using information technology.
3. Capability of determining the development of contemporary
    international political and economic circumstances.
4. Capability of communicating, active learning and team work.
5. Capability of making a strategic decision on organizing and solving operational problems.